Public API

Anyone can create an account for free to interact with the Public API. Our RESTful API is a programming interface that allows you to access and send data directly to our systems using HTTPS requests, without the need to use a web GUI. All the functionality you are already familiar within the Cloud Panel is accessible through the API, and also includes expert methods that are only available through the API. This allows you to script any actions you require, regardless of their complexity. The public API refers to resources like Servers, Storages, Networks, Platform Services and Managed Kubernetes (GSK).

API Documentation

The detailed API reference documentation can be found here.

API Tokens

Prior to getting started with using the API, you will need your User UUID and an API Token. Login to the Cloud Panel and to navigate to the API Token section and create an API Token. While creating an API Token, keep in mind that there are several access levels associated with API Tokens in addition to user access which you can read more about here.