Virtual Locations

A Virtual Location consists of one or more Dedicated Nodes, and can be created as easily as Servers. Once created you will have your own Dedicated Nodes, capable of running gridscale compute.

Our Virtual Location offering is designed with a few use cases in mind:

  • Maximum compute and utilization – Our flexible platform allows optimal configurations, allowing you to get maximum usage out of your physical resources.
  • Physical Server Licencing.
  • Organisations with strict compliance regulations can use Virtual Locations to make sure Servers are physically separate.
  • You have workloads which require hardware, but you do not want to maintain hardware.

As a user, you have the option to easily navigate to the panel and provision a Virtual Location with the following options:

  • Dedicated Node Configuration
  • Physical Location of the Virtual Location


With Virtual Locations, you can reserve different dedicated hardware configurations called “Dedicated Nodes” with or without Rocket Storage.

Dedicated Node Options

Product NameCores (CPU)RAM (GB)Storage (TB)
Dedicated Node487680
Dedicated Node with Rocket Storage487685.99

Products currently unavailable

Some products are currently not available, we plan to allow all products inside a Virtual Location at a later stage.

  • PaaS
  • GSK - gridscale Managed Kubernetes


The price of a Virtual location is based on the amount of Dedicated Nodes and their configuration. For example a Virtual Location with 1 Dedicated Node plus 1 Dedicated Node will be billed at the price of 96 Cores, 1536 GB RAM and 6.99TB Rocket Storage (5.99TB is made available for pure Rocket Storage, and 1TB is reserved for operations like snapshots etc.)

Products Included in the Price

  • Cores
  • RAM
  • Rocket Storage (when you have booked a node with Rocket Storage)
  • IPv6

Products Not Included in the Price

  • IPv4
  • Distributed Storage
  • ISO Images
  • Templates
  • Exporting to Object Storage
  • Snapshots
  • Backups
  • Licences (Windows VMs)
  • Marketplace Apps (only Storage is billed)


As a Partner, you have the option to toggle virtual locations for a tenant via the Feature Flags. You can set individual prices for each type of Dedicated Node (with or without Rocket Storage) as well as set limits on the amount of Dedicated Nodes that a tenant can request.


How do I use a Virtual Location?

After you have requested a virtual location, you can create a new project and assign your virtual location to that project. Once switched to that project you can create resources as usual, and these resources only run on the Dedicated Nodes assigned to your Virtual Location.

Can I connect servers between a Virtual Location and other Physical Locations?

Yes. Load balancing works globally and you can integrate virtual switches to enable networking between projects. The projects have to reside in the same location. You should book a Virtual Location in the Physical Location that your other servers exist in.

Can I use Rocket Storages as part of the Virtual Location offering?

Yes. You can do so only if a Dedicated Node with Rocket Storage attached is added to the Virtual Location. If not, the product is unavailable within the Virtual Location project.

Can I migrate servers between my projects and a Virtual Location?

No. Virtual Location are a completely segregated environment, and due to licencing restrictions you are not able to move servers outside or into a virtual location, even if they reside in the same physical location (eg. FRA1)