Branding Module

The Branding Module enables you to turn your gridscale Enterprise Cloud into your own fully white-labelled cloud computing environment. Adjust the colorscheme to match your Brand Identity. Use your own website domain and SMTP server.

The Branding Module empowers users to customize the visual appearance and authentication options of the Cloud Panel, aligning it with their corporate identity and enhancing the user experience.

This module offers features such as the Designer, External Links, SAML, and SMTP, which provide flexibility in design customization, integration with external services, and authentication methods.


The Designer feature empowers you to customize the appearance of the gridscale Cloud Panel to align with your brand identity.

You can customize the logo, color scheme, and layout of the Cloud Panel interface, creating a consistent and branded experience for your users.

Customize Cloud Panel Design

Users can choose fonts, colors, and other design elements to create a cohesive visual experience that reflects their brand. This customization enhances the user interface and provides a familiar environment for users, improving their engagement with the platform.

Custom Login Screen Background and Favicon

Users can further personalize the Cloud Panel by setting a custom background image and favicon for the login screen.

Users can upload their company logo to be displayed prominently within the Cloud Panel. This branding element reinforces brand recognition and strengthens the association between the company and its cloud infrastructure.

The External Links feature allows you to add custom links to important resources within the gridscale Cloud Panel.

You can include links to your organization’s imprint, privacy statement, website, and support contact information.


The SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) configuration feature enables you to set up single sign-on (SSO) for your gridscale Enterprise Cloud environment.

With SAML, you can integrate your existing identity provider (IdP) or authentication system, allowing users to log in to the gridscale Cloud Panel using their existing credentials. This streamlines the login process, improves user experience, and simplifies user management by centralizing authentication.

Simply click the SAML tab and enter your configuration.

If you need help adding a SAML configuration, you can find a tutorial here.


The SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) feature in the Branding Module enables users to send emails through their own email servers while utilizing gridscale’s infrastructure.

Simply configure SMTP in the appropriate tab.

If you need help with the configuration, you can find a tutorial here.

Reverse DNS

Reverse DNS configuration allows you to manage the reverse DNS records for your IP addresses.

With this feature, you can associate custom domain names with your IP addresses, improving email deliverability and enhancing the overall reputation of your infrastructure.