Product Lifecycle

Description of all existing product labels at gridscale

As you travel around our panels, you’ll keep coming across specific labels that identify different levels of support and development.

These labels provide important information about the status of products, provide transparency, and help you as a user or partner to better navigate our platform and make informed decisions.

The following table maps all labels and explains their meaning and impact on our users.

LabelDefinitionMaximum Label DurationLabel Visibility
NEWRecently introduced new products or features.30 daysAdmin and write users
DEPRECATEDWe no longer support all products that are being phased out of the gridscale platform.12 monthsAll user roles
DISCONTINUEDThese are products that we are no longer offering and optimizing. The difference from “DEPRECATED” is that existing resources are maintained, but no new resources can be created. The product’s SLA remains intact, and the product will continue to exist on our platform.No expiration dateAll user roles
RECOMMENDEDWe inform our customers about important features, both to protect them and to protect us as a platform operator.No expiration dateAll user roles
LABSLABS notifies users that a product or feature is still under development. Bugs may occur from time to time.12 monthsAll user roles
UPGRADEUsers are advised that they are not using the full scope of a product and have the option to upgrade at any time.No expiration dateAdmin and write users