Service Level Agreement

gridscale SLAs.


  1. Reaction time describes the time window between when a qualified disruption has been reported via the customer, either by telephone or in writing to gridscale.
  2. POC Products that have been made available, before general avaialability to a selected customer group. These are defined by the agreement to test each product individually.
  3. Labs Products that are available generally, to all customer but still within a research phase. These are marked by “Labs” labels within the panels / API documentation.
  4. Deprecated Products As we offer managed services and follow the upstream of such provided services, we expect customer to update within due time. If not these versions will be marked as deprecated/outdated via the panels or API documentation.


The SLAs described in this document do not apply to services disrupted by:

  • Legal or regulatory requirements, including court orders of the respective country in which the operation takes place.
  • Overloading or false use of the services provided by gridscale for the customer.
  • Changes to a service or configuration made by the customer.
  • Maintenance work done by gridscale.
  • Blocking of individual services or an entire account due to misuse or improper use of the account.

Disruption levels

Disruption levelDescription
CriticalYour service is no longer available
SignificantYour service is experiencing periodic disruptions or performance issues
Low impactYour service appears to be working fine, with little to no customer facing impact

Service Level Agreements

The service level agreement describes the minimum amount of uptime that we offer per product.

gridscales Services

gridscale offers the following types of services and SLAs

Primary100%CPU, RAM, Network Cards (NIC), Distributed Storage, Upstream, SDN (Private Networks)
Controlling99,999%All APIs, Panels and tools used to access the platform
Platform Services99,99%gridFs, gridStore, gridSQL, Load Balancer, Managed Kubernetes (GSK), Object Storage
Secondary99,9%All other services not mentioned above
Deprecated0%All Deprecated products e.g Security Zones, outdated Platform Services, POC, Labs


Discontinued means that a product is no longer being developed or optimized by us.

This can affect any product in the Primary, Controlling, Platform Services or Secondary categories. The SLA for that category will remain in place for the discontinued product.

Reaction Times

gridscale guarantees reaction times, base on the disruption level

Disruption levelReaction Time
Critical45 minutes
Significant180 minutes
Low impactBest Effort


gridscale runs a zero-downtime architecture which means that an overwhelming majority of updates do not affect services. If an update will affect a component, and more than one customer at a time it will be announced 3 business days in advance by gridscale on the status page.

Maintenance on individual components like dedicated hardware will be agreed on with the customer before hand.

Maintenance or force-upgrades on Platform Services are announced via email and within the notification center of the Partner and Cloud Panels at least 3 weeks before the maintenance should happen, and if possible a time window is mutually agreed upon between gridscale and the customer.

Events can occur which require a no notice maintenance like critical security patches for example, these are handled as primary incidents, if they cause any disruption to services.