gridscale’s Platform Services are split into three categories:

  • Managed Kubernetes
  • Managed Databases
    • gridSQL
    • gridStore
  • Managed Load Balancers

“Managed” has a different meaning per service category, you can read more about that in their own sections.

Storage Performance Classes

All of our gridSQL and gridStore services are using the “insane” Distributed Storage Performance Class. Distributed Storage is used since there is built in redundancy within a location. The performance is as follows:

Storage ClassIOPSBandwidth
Distributed Storage (Insane)15000300 MBps

gridSQL and gridStore Storage Classes and Connections

Each Service comes with it’s own set of Performance Classes. For autoscaling Platform Services this only increases RAM, and for Platform Services with static configurations like SQL Server, this configures the Cores and RAM. Connection limits depend on the performance class and the selected Managed Service.


All gridSQL and gridStore services are only available via IPv6 through a security zone. When creating a Platform Service the security zone is automatically created, and the connection credentials can be found within the details of the Platform Service itself. To be able to connect to the Platform Service, your Server needs to be connected to the connecting security zone first.

There is no connection between the Internet and gridSQL or gridStore services without a connected server.