gridscale's Partner Universe allows you to centrally manage customers, multiple projects, access rights, or internal projects using gridscale’s Partner Panel. With gridscale’s Partner solution you can become a cloud provider yourself, allowing you to set your own prices and seamlessly onboard customers.


An Account (previously called a Tenant) corresponds to the functional scope of the Cloud Panel. As a Partner, this means that you can set prices, features, locations and limits, and that you can relate users to each Account.

Account Lock

You can lock an Account either within the Accounts section or within the individual Account’s overview. This means that the Account is neither accessible via the Cloud Panel login, nor via the the Jump In button within the Partner Panel. A lock can be reversed by unlocking the Account from within the Partner Panel or via the API. Keep in mind that even when an Account is locked, workloads still continue to run and billing will still be performed for the same.

Account Delete

Once an Account has been set to be deleted, the Account gets cleaned up. All servers are stopped and all Platform Services across all projects within the Account are fully deleted. This process is non-reversible.


Within the Partner Panel, users need to be created in order to access the Cloud and/or Partner Panels. Depending on the intended access level, these users have roles associated with them, which you can read about in detail here. Once a user has been created and assigned the intended user role, there are several functionalities that the platform allows you to perform within the User Directory section of the Partner Panel. You can access these by clicking the ellipsis button (“…”) at the end of each user row to access the available options, which are detailed in the following section.

User Functionalities

  • Lock: Locks the specified user, meaning that they will no longer be allowed to login to one of your Accounts and/or the Partner Panel. The locked state of a user can also be reverted by unlocking it.

  • Delete: Deletes the specified user and blocks their ability to login to one of your Accounts and/or the Partner Panel. This action also revokes all associated user privileges and cannot be reversed. Account owners cannot be deleted until another Account owner is assigned.