Partner Marketplace

As a gridscale Partner, you have complete control over your own Marketplace.

The Marketplace, is a feature which extends from the Partner Panel to the Cloud Panel. You can read more about Tenant features here. As a Partner you have complete control over the apps which are shown to your Tenants. There are a few options for getting apps into the Marketplace.

  • Create your own and share them with your Tenants through the Marketplace.
  • Activate apps provided by other Partners (e.g ClusterControl)
  • Activate apps provided by gridscale

We recommend that you set up a Tenant and enable the private app Feature Flag solely for testing applications pending review, before they have been published. This Tenant will have access to all apps that are available to within your Partner.

App Creation and Review Process

Read more about creating an app within the Cloud Panel here.

Reviewing an App

Once the Tenant that is creating an app requests it for review, you will get a notification within the Marketplace menu in the Partner Panel that someone has requested a change. You can jump in to the Tenant to see details within the server, or review the app’s meta information within the Partner Panel.

The Global Marketplace

Apps that have been published by other Partners are available wihtin your Partner Marketplace and disabled by default. You can choose whether they should be available to your Tenant by simply enabling the application.

Publish an App to the Global Marketplace

To request the publication of an app within the global Marketplace, simply go to the apps details within the Partner Marketplace, and request the global publication. Once reviewed, the app will be availabe within the gridscale public Marketplace, and the Marketplace of all of our Partners.

Feature Flags

Navigate to the Features tab within Tenant settings in order to activate or deactivate default settings for all your Tenants. You can also individually adjust them for each Tenant.

The Marketplace Feature Flags allow Tenants to create and use Marketplace apps.

1-Click Apps

Allows quick deployment of apps such as Wordpress, Plesk, ClusterControl etc.

Marketplace Applications

Allows Tenants to view public gridscale-managed apps

Request Release

Allows Tenants to request the publication of an application

Use Private Applications

Allows Tenants to see all apps that the Partner can see. Recommended for testing purposes.