Depending on your intended use case, the gridscale Cloud Solution is broadly divided into two categories - the Cloud and Partner Panels.

Cloud Panel

As a public user or an account under a Partner, the Cloud Panel allows you to set up and manage customised cloud infrastructure tailored to your needs. Involving state-of-the-art IaaS and PaaS offerings, the gridscale platform takes over conceptual and operational management for your infrastructure allowing you to focus on core activities for your business.

Partner Panel

If you are a Cloud Reseller hoping to centrally manage your customers, or wish to centrally manage internal projects, click here to read more about how the gridscale Partner Panel could satisfy your requirements.

Access Management and Organization

In the context of a Partner, an Account (previously called a Tenant) corresponds to the functional scope of the Cloud Panel. Administration is performed based on user roles, which differ based on their respective access levels. A role is always applied globally, and cannot be split (for instance, on a project-level basis).

The aforementioned user roles are generally split into the following categories based on their respective access rights:

  • Owner
  • Admin
  • Read and Write
  • Read Only

Cloud Panel

  • Owner : Full access to the entire platform with complete administrative rights, meaning that this user is the owner of a particular contract.
  • Admin : Not an Owner, but still has complete access to the entire platform.
  • Read and Write : Similar to an Admin, but does not have access to User Management and is unable to view or change any Billing components.
  • Read Only : Able to view resources and workloads.

Partner Panel

  • Owner : Full access to all Partner Panel functionality.
  • Admin : Similar to the Owner role, but is not the owner of a Partner’s contract.
  • Write Only : No access to any Billing components.
  • Read Only : Able to view resources.